I got my start at Tuttle Publishing in Boston, and later worked at several New York publishing houses as an editor covering topics as diverse as art and architecture, children’s books, spirituality, and pop culture.

Today, I am a freelance editor specializing in developmental editing, copyediting, proposal writing, and proofreading for both new and published authors of nonfiction, fiction, and memoir.

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The publishing business has changed, but the world still needs writers to tell stories and professional editors to get them there. I enjoy coaching writers in a realistic, yet empathetic way. Writing is hard for most, but it's also about motivation and sitting down to do a job every day. Author Nora Roberts has a simple motto: "Get your ass in the chair." Every day, no matter what.

I am an editor, here to help you be your best after you've done all the hard work of sitting in that chairand writing, of course. I hope to hear from you soon.